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The Guys
Alex -Fu Hua
Chun Hao -Bukit Batok
Darryl -Anglo Chinese
Kevin -Nan Hua
Jia Wei -Nan Hua
Jia Chen -Hwa Chong
Junyi -Anglo Chinese
Kang Ming -Hwa Chong
Ler Yang -Nan Hua
Thenappa -Commonwealth
Navin -St. Joseph
Run Zhong -River Valley
Ong Beng Hwee- Hwa Chong Instiution Shankar -Raffles Institution
Qing Yi -River Valley
Wayne -Nan Hua
Wen Bin
Yan Zhi -Hwa Chong
Yong Qin -Nan Hua
Zhong Heng -Bukit Panjang

The Gals
Alicia -Clementi Town
Annie -Nan Hua
Casslyn -Nan Yang
Cecilia -River Valley
Dhatshana -IIS
Isadora -Nan Hua
Jia Jing -Raffles Girls
Jodie- Commonwealth
Kah Hui -River Valley
Kimbly -Bukit Panjang
Hui Fang -Commonwealth
Hui Wen -Raffles Girls
Hui Yun- Swiss Cottage
Michelle -Bukit Panjang
Nandhini -Crescent Girls
Pei Jia -River Valley
Sharmaine -Nan Hua
Shobini -Crescent Girls
Siti -Crescent Girls
Wei Wen -Commonwealth
Yuan Teng -Swiss Cottage

we just love making friends,don't you? Alicia Annie Casslynn Cecilia Hui Fang Huiyun Isadora Kangming Siti Michelle Nandhini Sharmaine Weiwen Yongqin

beware of what you say,dear.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010 ,8:58 AM

Hey Everyone....

My apologies for not posting for so long, since the blog was kinda dead anyway.

Now that we're nearing the end of 2010, I hope everyone has had a good year.
Anyone feels like getting together during the holidays to just slack?

I'm not certain about other schools, but BPGHS has extra lessons until 4 November T.T
If your school has these lessons too please post the dates up on the tagboard.
or just use facebook.

Assuming that everyone does agree to this, BBQ on November 7 can?
Maybe we can hold it at Bukit Batok CC there..

anyone wants to help in any way just let me know~
Spread it on Facebook :P Thanks dudes.

Sunday, June 27, 2010 ,7:05 AM

Hello 07' Jadians, nice to see that the tagboard is still (somewhat) alive..
Sorry for the lack of posts, but authors all busy people.
Let me know your emails if you have anything to post up, there's plenty of space for more authors.

I hope everyone enjoyed their sec 3 June holidays, some of us being CCA leaders & all.
Let's all enjoy & appreciate the remaining 6 months before sec 4 and the big 'O's....
Whose a CCA leader btw? We should post it up and compare ^^

Have fun and study hard my friends, life is meant to be enjoyed :P

P.S. Happy birthday to Feburary, March, April, May, June babies

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 ,2:00 AM

Hey people, just wanted to keep the blog alive...

Wishing all Jadians a Happy 2010 New year, as well as Jan babies : Happy Birthday :)
Janurary always seems purple to me 0.o does it to anyone else?
Now that we're all sec 3s and old mature, should be seeing alot of school/CCA leaders among us..
Time to forget the past and look forward to the new opportunities now
Hopefully everyone is thinking ahead and planning for the future:

That's right, time to start mugging for O level's 0.0

okay joking...Secondary 3 is meant to be a year for slacking before O's.
Time for bonding and etc. It also means reuniting with your lost ex-jadians Xp

1st mass gathering for KMPS Alumni this year should be CNY celebrations...
Me (or the other Admins...you know who you are...) will try to update closer to the date.

So yeah...enjoy 2010 and may it be a great year for all of you :)


Sunday, November 8, 2009 ,5:43 AM

Yo Jadians!

Okay, sorry for the previous post's inaccuracy. I deleted it anyway so nvm.
Anyway, Keming is holding a buffet/karaoke night for the alumni, by the alumni.

Its on 13 November, Friday. If you're going please confirm with 94875670.
Spread the word, and enjoy your holidays ^^

Saturday, October 31, 2009 ,8:29 PM

Hello Ex-Jadians, sorry for the lack of updates recently...
This should give you guys something to do when you visit this blog,
instead of just tagging about how dead it is 0.o

First things first:

Happy Belated Birthday to September & October people >.<
sorry I missed out the posts, I was having EOY...
Still, hope you enjoyed being 14, and had a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday for November-born Jadians, me too ^^
I only remember Isadora born on Nov 1? or was it 3rd? confused liao =x
Anyway, Happy birthday and we're finally 14 now...

Second Thing:

Not really confirmed but I heard there's plans for the chalet from June 0.o
Tentative dates range from 1 Nov-13 Nov, 3 day-2 night format.
Nt exactly sure what's its about...can someone please post about it?

Third Thing:

Streaming soon right? Everyone's going to be sec 3 soon...
time to be CCA leaders, school leaders and change from shorts to pants Xp
feel free to tag your streaming options on the tagboard/ post it on the blog
If you want to be authors then ask me (mich) because its like only I'm blogging ==

Hope all of you get into a good stream, and enjoy your holidays ^^

Friday, August 28, 2009 ,2:56 AM

*Credits to Junyi for helping type =X
To all Ex-Jadians of 2007:

Hey, are any of you going back to KMPS on Teachers' Day?
(31 August, Monday)

If there are enough people, I'll try ask Mdm Tan and Miss Leong to stay until 3pm.
Time is kinda short on that day, becuz we don't know if KMPS will allow us in aft 12pm.

Please reply ASAP if you will be going, and say what time you can reach.
Help spread to all the other Jadians that seldom tag here/don't have fb.

Thanks, and have a great weekend ^^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 ,8:41 AM
Title: Michelle here...
Top of Page

Hi , just an add-on to the last post.

For All Ex-Keminites:

Venue: KMPS, Canteen only ==

Attire: Secondary School Uniform, worn appropriately...

*Only ex-keminites will be allowed in, and we must remain @ canteen...

So yeah..can we all try to go back, just to see who rmbs?